Are you asking the right questions about your business?

Nascent Consulting brings clear thinking to the most complex business decisions you’ll ever have to make.

Strategic consultancy

When the time comes to develop or restructure your organisation (or just part of it) are you asking the right questions?

Being objective about your own people, processes and practices is difficult, which is why a fresh pair of eyes from outside your business is so valuable.

Nascent Consulting brings clear thinking to the most complex business decisions you’ll ever have to make. Helping develop your business and your people to make a sustainable difference through.

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Developing strategy

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A Strategic Approach

Every strategic challenge is different, which is why we don’t apply complex models, grids or theories.

We start by listening to you, looking at your business and goals and then asking the right questions so we understand what you want to achieve.

Once we know where you want to get to and why, we can begin working on the strategy needed to get you, your organisation and your people aligned with your vision.

Client Thoughts


Whilst working at Monarch Aircraft Engineering I used Jonathan to conduct and oversee management development training for approx 20 junior managers and supervisors.

I personally attended one of the courses and I can say that Jonathan’s knowledge, creativity and focus with handling this project was outstanding. The results over the following year were a measurable 15% increase in productivity.

This only tells the financial impact and does not reveal the relationship and work ethic improvement.

Kevin Price – Base Manager

United Biscuits




Following a difficult business restructure Jonathan helped me design a series of senior management conventions to improve the team working within the business and enhance cross functional communication. Due to the success of these initial projects, Jonathan then worked with the UK Board of United Biscuits to improve its effectiveness as a team, particularly its ways of working.

Jonathan was able to skilfully manage his way around the executive team and used innovative techniques to improve their effectiveness.

I would recommend Jonathan to any business leader needing a first-rate facilitator of business improvement.

I would recommend Jonathan to any fellow HR colleagues or business leaders in need of professional support to facilitate change.

Tim Ellis – Business Change Director

Plumb Partners Group



A fantastic communicator who can deal with people on many different levels. A consummate professional who refuses to be drawn into other people’s personal dramas, but remains empathic yet objective.

Toby Lott – HR Director



At the risk of gushing, just a note to express my grateful thanks for all the help and support you gave with the proposal and your thoughts on the overall structure, objectives and strategy – couldn’t have delivered it without you.

I think the final result was excellent, particularly given the short delivery timeframe.

Kate Tucker – SAP Project Manager